Full-Feature Video Editor

The fastest, easiest way to create pro-quality videos

From basic editing to advanced post-processing, Swiftly Studio is like having your own video production studio right inside your browser. Try our professional video editing software on your next project for flawless visual effects, video formatting, color correction and more.

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    Editing Essentials


    Crop, flip, and rotate videos operations. Preset crop ratios to common formats.


    Set the the start and end time of videos.

    Text Design

    Overlay text on videos and apply modern lettering designs.


    Fine-tune videos with an exhaustive set of adjustment operations such as brightness and contrast.

    Element Snapping

    Snap stickers and text to control points for more precise placements.

    Undo and Redo

    Allows you to undo and redo all editing operations.


    Add depth and focus to videos using radial, mirrored or gaussian blur.

    Special Effects


    Over 60 filters covering all state-of-the-art let users control the style and mood of videos.

    Shapes and Overlays

    Add a unique mood to videos of any size or ratio with shapes and overlays choosing from a number of blend modes.


    Merge Video

    Pick, edit and merge several video clips into a single visual sequence.

    Video Collage

    Arrange multiple videos on a single page for immersive video collages.

    Overlay Audio

    Add audio files to videos and set the mood through music or narration.


    We provide a vast range of features, such as: transform, trim, adjustments, undo & redo, brush, focus / blur, text variables & text design, filters, dynamic stickers, frames & overlays, templates, merge videos, video collages, and audio overlay. 

    Yes, with our video editor you can create content suitable for social media platforms.