10 Essential Video Editing Shortcuts for Faster Workflow

10 Essential Video Editing Shortcuts for Faster Workflow

What are video editing shortcuts?

Video editing shortcuts are keyboard commands or combinations that allow you to perform tasks quickly and efficiently in video editing software. By using these shortcuts, you can save time and streamline your workflow, making the editing process smoother and more productive.

1. Cut and Trim

One of the most common tasks in video editing is cutting and trimming clips. Instead of using the mouse to click and drag, use the keyboard shortcuts. Press "C" to cut a clip at the playhead position and "V" to select the trim tool. This will significantly speed up your editing process.

2. Play and Pause

Quickly play or pause your video by pressing the spacebar. This shortcut is handy when you want to review your edits or check the timing of a specific scene.

3. Split and Join

To split a clip into two separate parts, position the playhead where you want to make the split and press "Cmd + B" (Mac) or "Ctrl + B" (Windows). To join two clips together, select the clips and press "Cmd + J" (Mac) or "Ctrl + J" (Windows).

4. Undo and Redo

Mistakes happen, but you can quickly undo them by pressing "Cmd + Z" (Mac) or "Ctrl + Z" (Windows). If you want to redo an action, press "Cmd + Shift + Z" (Mac) or "Ctrl + Shift + Z" (Windows).

5. Ripple Delete

Ripple delete is a useful shortcut when you want to remove a clip from your timeline and automatically close the gap. Select the clip and press "Shift + Delete" (Mac) or "Shift + Backspace" (Windows) to perform a ripple delete.

6. Insert and Overwrite

When you want to add a clip to your timeline, you can use the insert or overwrite shortcuts. Press "Cmd + /" (Mac) or "Ctrl + /" (Windows) to insert a clip, or press "Shift + /" to overwrite a clip.

7. Mark In and Out

Marking in and out points is essential for selecting specific parts of a clip. Use the "I" key to mark the in point and the "O" key to mark the out point. This is particularly useful when you want to trim or apply effects to a specific section of a clip.

8. Nudge

When you need to make precise adjustments to the position of a clip, use the nudge shortcuts. Press the arrow keys to move the clip one frame at a time. Hold down the Shift key while pressing the arrow keys to nudge the clip by 10 frames.

9. Zoom In and Out

Zooming in and out of your timeline allows you to view your edits more closely or get an overview of the entire project. Use the "+" and "-" keys to zoom in and out, respectively.

10. Export

Once you've finished editing your video, it's time to export it. Instead of navigating through menus, use the export shortcut. Press "Cmd + M" (Mac) or "Ctrl + M" (Windows) to open the export settings and save time.

By mastering these essential video editing shortcuts, you can significantly improve your workflow and become a more efficient video editor. Practice using these shortcuts regularly, and you'll be amazed at how much time and effort you can save.

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